All PowaKaddy electric trolleys have been awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society

Quiet Please!

PowaKaddy is proud to partner with Quiet Mark.

Most golfers consider sound an important factor when playing a round of golf. When you’re on the golf course you want to be able to concentrate fully on your next shot and noisy electric trolleys can sometimes be disturbing to your game.

So what is the Quiet Mark?

The Quiet Mark is an international stamp of approval recognising technology that has been designed to reduce noise. It’s been developed in response to public health concerns over the psychophysiological effects of excessive or invasive sound produced by modern household tools and appliances. PowaKaddy electric trolleys are the first electric trolleys to receive the Quiet Mark accreditation.

Engineered to reduce noise

PowaKaddy electric trolleys use the latest design, engineering and manufacturing techniques. The streamlined Powaframe® houses a powerful motor and highly efficient drive-train that makes them whisper quiet.

Each model was tested by an expert acoustics team

By validating noise test reports supplied to the Noise Abatement Society, Quiet Mark was able to verify their performances and make the necessary comparisons with other models on the market. That is why all PowaKaddy electric trolleys have been awarded the Quiet Mark’s seal of approval.

For more information about the Quiet Mark please visit the Quiet Mark website.