PowaKaddy Universal 36 Hole Battery

The PowaKaddy XL Universal Lithium battery has been designed to be compatible with the vast majority of electric trolleys in the market.

This is an excellent alternative if you are looking to upgrade from a Lead Acid battery to a Lithium.

It is very lightweight and comes supplied with a special charger. An Anderson connector is also available as an optional extra.

Voltage: 14.8v
Capacity: 220Wh
Size: 80 x 180 x 134 (H/L/W)
Weight: 1.8Kg TBC
Construction: NCM Technology (Nickel Cobalt Manganese)

Features & Benefits

Most efficient battery on the market
Uses power intelligently

Latest re-engineered Lithium-ion Technology
The most advanced lithium technology

Advanced BMS (Battery Management System)
Protects and prevents overcharging

Quick charging
Charges within 5 hours

Stylish neoprene bag
Easy carry bag

2 Year Warranty
Gives peace of mind and added value

Cost effective Saves you money over 5 years
Longer lifespan (compared to lead acid battery) Up to 5 times longer lifetime